When my wife and I decided to bring children into our lives, we both wanted to be stay-at-home moms. But that wasn’t possible. So we thought about how we’d like to spend our time if we could do anything we wanted, and decided that living on an organic, biodiverse farm would be ideal. But how to do that without working 12-hour days to sustain a farm business?

The solution we came up with was to farm for ourselves, but do it somewhere tourists like to visit. Eliminating two of the biggest expenses we currently incur was also important: mortgage payments and high healthcare costs. We scoured the United States for areas that met our criteria, which also included a temperate climate and consistent (but not constant) rainfall so we can raise animals on pasture year-round. Our new state also needed to willingly recognize our marriage.

Nowhere fit the bill. Good healthcare coverage is expensive throughout the U.S. The places that met our social, environmental, and tourism-related needs were too expensive to buy without incurring more debt. And the land we could afford to buy was too dry and/or devoid of tourists. So we expanded our search to Europe and quickly settled on the South/Central region of France.

You can learn more by visiting our website at http://www.thehappyhomestead.org, and of course I’ll also add a blog post now and then. Our Facebook page is easier to maintain though, so that’s where the most current info usually resides.

Thanks for joining us in this adventure!



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